Just purchased my ticket to Cuernavaca, Mexico!

December 26 through January 19 - wooooooooooo!
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Sorry if you feel this is unethical

My Western Literature class meets on Thursday evenings. I was excited as I looked over the syllabus; the professor picked out a nice variety of texts. I quickly became more and more angry as the class progressed, because of the high level asstard that surrounded me. I've copied a discussion from the WebCT page in which the professor asks the class to tell the other class members about their lives as reasers. Why do all girls hate to read now? I almost threw up last week when I heard one 19 year old say to another outside of our classroom "I hope you're smart, because I'm dumb." Really? Is this the kind of attitude that young women have now? I hope not. It's going to be a rough 3 (ok - probably 4) years.

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We're having a yard sale on Saturday.

None of this early bird bullshit, either.

1-7 PM

549 broadway

Come after brunch.

Watch some fucking kickball.

Buy our shit.

Eat our cupcakes.

Maybe swim in our kiddie pool.

Oh yeah, and if you want to sell stuff too, that's cool. I probably don't have a table, but I gots some sidewalk space.